Tips on How to Win Swagbucks FAST~~~!!!~~~

These tips will get you points faster so you can redeem more prizes:

1. Search once in the morning (9-12 am EASTERN TIME) 
2. Search once at mid night (12-1 EASTERN TIME)
3.Get Swagcodes off the SwagWidget
4.Invite your friends to your referal link and when they sign up and win, you also win
5.Get the toolbar
6.Make Swagbucks your homepage
7.Promote your site with your referal link or ad
8.Keep up with Swagbucks Facebook and Twitter pages
9.Receive the newsletters
10.Sumbit your poll ideas at for a chance to win 10 swagbucks
11.Submit your testimonial photos to win swagbucks
12.Submit your testimonial unboxing videos to win swagbucks
13.Enter in contests with earned swagbucks to earn BIG swagbucks from contest
14.Go to the Special Offers page, skip all offers then get your swagcode