Swagbucks BOT

If you are tired of searching all the time, then why not have something search for you and get points while your computer is on? If you want this ultimate BOT hack then you must go to http://swagbot.tk/ and click on swagbucks bot link. You must then download and unrar the file with Winrar. Once you have done that you must go to swagbucks bot folder then double click on my cheat pages v.5. Next go to the top tab named Sites and click on Swagbucks, Then sign in and press start. The search will be maxed out once it reaches 20 so if you want it to just keep on searching, close it and go back to swagbucks under sites and click start again. If you still don't understand or are having issues with the steps message on the help page or watch the Hack tutorial at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV6WyVfu64A